We occupied Wall Street

Its time to Occupy Health

Dr Susan Downs

Dr. Susan on VoiceAmerica

“We have occupied Wall Street: now it is time to take back our health. We will provide leading edge health information to allow you to look under the hood to find the underlying contributing causes to illness.”

Dr Susan has gained a significant amount of knowledge and experience in the medical field and has also experienced and reviewed many holistic and complementary therapies – it’s her love for creating a greater level of wellness in the world. She continues to be involved and attend many conferences, talks, events, courses, and programmes. She continues to gain and desires to further share.

Her initial thrust into sharing her knowledge and experiences resulted in the establishment of the website Occupy Health. She has progressed and further expanded her methods of communicating to the public expanding her skills with different types of media. Expanding on her initial focus to write articles then extending to interviews and now films and documentaries.

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